Del Canto Chambers Ltd is an international company that provides consultancy and support services to companies interested in establishing or developing businesses in Qatar and the United Kingdom.

Del Canto Chambers focuses its activities in the media, sports and entertainment industries.

With headquarters located in the financial district of West Bay in Doha (Qatar), Del Canto Chambers has also representative offices in Southampton (UK) and collaboration agreements with companies and professionals from other countries.

Xavier Nova, Del Canto Chambers Managing Director, tells us about the experience with Google Apps and TopSolutions:

Before adopting Google Apps, we had email in a Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook clients. We also worked with Blackberries and the systems maintenance cost was very high.

We depended on external contracted consultancy services and the systems uptime depended on the availability of the responsible professional. We had a manual backup scheme of the server and we also relied on the copies of each professional.

Our previous platform was no longer up to our mobility needs. Our business is basically virtual with independent professionals located in various parts who travel regularly. Although we are headquartered in Qatar our partners and collaborators work remotely from the United Kingdom, Qatar and other parts of the world.

The Need for a Change and Expectations Exceeded

Due to the administration complexity, the availability problems and the costs that our previous email platform entailed, we decided to begin searching for a solution that would allow us to overcome these limitations.

After analyzing various options, along with our CEO and the management team, we chosed the Google Apps for Business suite and Mac systems, because it offered more advantages in terms of functionality and associated costs.

The main objectives to achieve were:

  • improve staff mobility,
  • allow independence, for a team or an office, of a single location,
  • stop using Microsoft Exchange and Outlook,
  • increase the email capacity,
  • reduce the associated costs with email.

The results were highly satisfactory, since we managed to reduce the costs associated with the email platform, improve the mobility of the staff in a remote work environment, increase the storage capacity and access a range of cloud-based tools.

During the project, we count on the experience and professionalism of TopSolutions technical team, who took care of the migration from the previous email solution quickly and very efficiently. We always had a customer care representative who advised at all times and who made us feel comfortable about the migration to Google solutions right from the start.

The web interface (gmail) adoption was carried out gradually since several professionals were only used to Microsoft Outlook. At this point the seamless integration between Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook has allowed a very smooth change.

Adopting the web interface was decisive in terms of user satisfaction and today there are very few professionals who remain attached to Microsoft Outlook.

The company achieved very significant savings per year compared to its previous platform, multiplying the available storage per user and optimizing access through mobile devices.

Among the applications that we use on a daily basis we emphasize, in addition to email, Calendar, Google Hangouts (Chat), Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Analytics and Google Vault. In fact, the Google Vault solution reinforces our email security level, thanks to the creation of an automatic archive in real time.

The change in Del Canto Chambers’s way of working that was generated, thanks to Google Apps for Business tools, was very positive, since, in addition to promoting mobility and collaboration, it allowed us to solve the problem with emails, optimizing our time and resources.

To this day we are very pleased with our decision and we are looking to explore the functions of the tool in greater depth.

concluded the Managing Director of Del Canto Chambers.

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