Do you know what ransomwaredata loss is ?

And more importantly, is your company protected from it ?

Your Data is at Risk

Ransomware is a type of cyber attack practiced by hackers where all company data is encrypted and hijacked and become inaccessible overnight.

The access to this data remains in the control of the hacker until a ransom (usually with exorbitant amounts) is paid.

We have famous cases of large companies and corporations that had their data hijacked, although it can happen to any size of company and any sector causing serious losses and in some cases, even bankruptcy.

Data loss is when valuable or sensitive information is compromised or lost due to theft, viruses, malware (like ransomware), or even happens by inadvertent or malicious actions on the part of your company’s employees.


The Solution ?

It is impossible to prevent these type of problems from happening, mainly due to the human factor, and even companies using cloud solutions like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are subject to Ransomware and/or Data Loss. The best solution and the best insurance is to have Very Fast and Reliable Backups of your Google/Microsoft cloud data.

Afi Backup for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365

Key Afi Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 Features

  • Very Fast, Reliable, Complete & Accurate Backup

  • Intelligent Ransomware Protection

  • No Backup Failures

  • Radically Simple End-to-end Automation

  • Access Control and Security

  • Automated Backups

  • Data Encryption at rest

  • Flexible Restore

  • Instant Offline Export

  • Select Storage Locations

  • Versioning

  • AI-based Automation

  • End-user Self-Service

Next Steps

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Google Workspace - Ransomware Data Loss protection with Afi Backup
Microsoft 365 - Ransomware Data Loss protection with Afi Backup

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