Zoho CRM

Track your Sales Activities

Gain complete visibility of your sales cycle and align your sales efforts with business strategies and objectives.

Zoho CRM

Go Mobile with your CRM

On a plane or at a remote location? Access customer data from your mobile phones even when offline.

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Close More Deals in Less Time

Attract, Retain and Delight More Customers. Grow Your Business Now With Zoho CRM.

Automate. Be Productive

Automate your day-to-day business activities so that you can focus on selling and not on maintaining data.

Track your Sales Activities

Gain complete visibility of your sales cycle. Align your sales efforts with business strategies and objectives.

Go Mobile. Take CRM with you

On a plane or at a remote location? Access customer data from your mobile phones and be up-to-date – even in the offline mode.

Connect with your Customers

Engage, inform, and create long-term loyalty. Associate social profiles and communicate with your customers from within your CRM account.

Extend your CRM

Integrate your CRM account with other applications to create a fully scalable, customized business solution.

Zoho CRM for Google Apps

Sync Google emails and other information with Zoho CRM. Collaborate and share information easily with Zoho CRM for Google Apps.

Great Features

New features are constantly being added to Zoho CRM and bellow you can find some of the key features.

Generate Sales, Not Work.

Zohos Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution drives sales force performance and profitability by giving you everything you need to sell smarter.
By automating your processes, it frees your people to concentrate on creating leads, closing deals and growing your customer relationships.

Real-Time. Real-World.

Zoho CRM’s Opportunity Tracking tool gives you a current, comprehensive view of all your sales activities.
Know where every customer is in the sales cycle, deal size, contact history, even competitor information to help craft more effective messaging.
Dynamic Reports & Dashboards provide an easy, accurate read of everything going on.

Know. Now.

Be in the know when on a call.
Use Zoho CRM’s Business Card View to instantly get a detailed look at all pertinent customer information.
No scrolling, no searching.
The Notes Section also displays the time and content of past conversations, so you can make each call more personal and productive.

Social CRM

What’s the latest with your prospects and customers?
Let them tell you.
Link their Facebook and Twitter profiles into your Zoho CRM system.
Associate profiles to contacts or leads, send invitations to connect, view updates and share your comments.

CRM On-The-Go

Stay connected and up-to-date wherever you go.
Zoho’s Mobile Edition gives you instant access to customer info and sales activity on your iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
Get real time access to customer information, receive sales notifications, find customers nearby, create tasks and much more.

CRM for Google Apps

Zoho CRM works seamlessly with Google Apps, making it easy to collaborate, communicate and share.
Whether it’s Google Email, Docs, Contacts, Calendar or Tasks, everything’s tightly linked within your CRM account.
Your Business is sure to gain an edge with better collaboration and customer information.

Editions & Pricing

Zoho CRM is offered in several editions to match customers specific needs.

  • Base Features
    (included in all editions)

  • Lead management
  • Accounts & Contacts
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Social CRM
  • Web Forms
  • Developer API
  • Mobile Access
  • -
  • Billed Monthly
  • Standard

  • $12

    /user/month (1)

  • Base Features +
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Document Library
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Product Customization
  • 100,000 records
  • $15 /user/month (2)
  • Professional

  • $20

    /user/month (1)

  • Standard Edition +
  • Email Integration
  • Customer Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Role-based Security
  • Mail Merge
  • Unlimited records
  • $25 /user/month (2)
  • Enterprise

  • $35

    /user/month (1)

  • Professional Edition +
  • Territory Management
  • Custom Modules
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Adv. Workflow Rules
  • Custom Related Lists
  • Call Center Connectors
  • Help Desk Integration
  • $40 /user/month (2)
  • CRM Plus

  • $50

    /user/month (1)

  • Enterprise Edition +
  • Email Marketing
  • Help Desk
  • Customer Surveys
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Analytics
  • $60 /user/month (2)

(1) Billed Annually.
(2) Billed Monthly.
Prices are in dollars (USD).
Note : Additional Services Available

Sales Force Automation Standard Professional Enterprise
Leads | Contacts | Accounts | Opportunities
Tasks | Calendar | Call Log | Notes
Sales Forecasting
BCC dropbox for email
Multiple Currencies
Contextual Custom Related Lists
Social Standard Professional Enterprise
Integration with Twitter/Facebook
Social Tab
Capture Leads from Twitter/Facebook
Contextual Social Interaction with Leads/Contacts
Marketing Automation Standard Professional Enterprise
Email Templates 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Opt-out
Mass Email 250 emails/day 500 emails/day 1000 emails/day
Customer Support Standard Professional Enterprise
Cases | Solutions
Inventory Management Standard Professional Enterprise
Products | Price Books | Sales Quotes
Sales Orders | Invoices | Vendors | Purchase Orders
Document Library Standard Professional Enterprise
Folder Sharing | Attach Documents
File Versioning | Reviews
Analytics Standard Professional Enterprise
Standard, Custom and Schedule Reports
Standard and Custom Dashboards
Web Forms Standard Professional Enterprise
Web to Lead Form 5 10 20
Web to Contact Form 5 10 20
Web to Case Form 10 20
Notify Owner
File Storage Standard Professional Enterprise
Default Storage 256 MB / User 256 MB / User 512 MB / User
Extra Storage $4 / month / GB $4 / month / GB $4 / month / GB
Data Administration Standard Professional Enterprise
Data Storage (All Modules) 100.000 Unlimited Unlimited
Import Data (per batch) 10.000 10.000 20.000
Export Module Data
API for Third-party Integration
Monthly Data Backup
Additional Data Backup $10 / request $10 / request $10 / request
De-duplicate Data
Security Administration Standard Professional Enterprise
Profiles 5 15 25
Organizational Hierarchy (Roles) 5 10 250
Field-level Security
Data Sharing Rules | Groups
Territory Management
Product Customization Standard Professional Enterprise
Page Layout | Rename Tabs | Custom Fields
Custom Links
Web Tabs | Tab Groups
Custom Modules
Workflow Management Standard Professional Enterprise
Workflow Rules 3 / module 10 / module 30 / module
Workflow Alerts | Workflow Tasks
Assignment Rules | Webhooks
Field Updates
Custom Functions using Deluge Script
Time-based Actions | Automated Pulse Follow-ups | Case Escalation Rules
Zoho CRM Integrations Standard Professional Enterprise
Integration with Zoho Campaigns
Integration with Zoho Reports
Integration with Zoho Projects
Zoho Mail Add-on
Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook
Plug-in for Microsoft Office
Zoho CRM for QuickBooks
Integration with Zoho Support
Zoho PhoneBridge for Call Centers
Integration with Zoho Creator
Mobile Edition Standard Professional Enterprise
iPad, iPhone and Android devices
View Records
View Related Records
Search Records in Phone or Zoho CRM Service
Send Email to Leads & Contacts
Make Phone Calls
View Customer Location in Google Maps
View Records in Offline Mode
Create, Edit or Delete Records
Log Phone Calls
Create, Edit or Delete Records in Offline Mode

Why TopSolutions ?

We are an experienced Zoho Alliance Partner that can assure a smooth and quick adoption of Zoho CRM by providing services at a competitive pricing.

Services offered TopSolutions Zoho
Zoho CRM
Additional Services (see bellow)
Support in your language
Multiple local payment options

TopSolutions Additional Services

  • Zoho CRM setup and configuration
  • Data migration and data synchronization
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Security configurations
  • Website integration
  • Training services
  • Workflows & Automation
  • Custom Reporting
  • Deployment and migration planning
  • Change management consulting
  • Integration with other services (Google Apps, …)
  • Other specific services on request
Choose us as your Zoho CRM partner wherever you are : Albania, Andorra, Angola, Armenia, Belarus, Belgique (Belgium), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Danmark, Deutschland (Germany), España (Spain), Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Green Cape Islands, Hungary, Ireland, Island, Italia (Italy), Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Mónaco, Mozambique, Nederland (Netherlands), Norge (Norway), Polska (Poland), Portugal, Romania, Russia, São Tomé e Princípe, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Suisse (Switzerland), Sverige (Sweden), Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, …) and benefit from the experience of the cloud business solutions leader.