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persolog Brasil improved productivity with Google Apps

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persolog Brasil is the exclusive distributor of persolog® assessment and learning instruments in Brazil. persolog® has been active in the German-language market since 1990, with distributors in various European countries, the U.S.A., China, Japan, United Kingdom, Central America and South America (Brazil), offering support materials and services in the personal development [...]


Konsilia strengthens mobility and improves remote work with Google Apps

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Konsilia Services WLL is an international company that provides consultancy and support services to companies interested in establishing or developing businesses in Qatar and the United Kingdom. Konsilia focuses its activities in the media, sports and entertainment industries. With headquarters located in the financial [...]


Dom Pedro Hotels choose Google Apps

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Dom Pedro Hotels one of the most prestigious and reputable hotel chains, are recognized not only for the high quality standards of their hotels, but also for the elegant and luxurious experience they provide to guests. The group has seven 4 and 5-star hotels in Lisbon (Dom Pedro [...]


The Story of Send

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Take a journey through Google’s data centers by following an email along its path. Along the way, find out how Google minimize the impact on the environment. START THE STORY OF SEND > A better web is better for the environment, and Google [...]

Garantia Seguros goes Google

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Garantia Seguros is a fast growing insurance company headquartered in Luanda, Angola with 3 main branches in Cabinda, Lubango and Luanda - Coqueiros, having Angolan and Portuguese shareholders. It uses Google Apps as the heart of its communication and collaboration strategy right from the beginning of its operation. [...]

S.D.M. goes Google

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S.D.M. - Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira, SA is responsible, on behalf of the Regional Government of Madeira (Portugal), for the management, administration and promotion of the International Business Centre of Madeira (IBC). These responsibilities include the construction of the infrastructure in the Industrial Free Trade Zone of Madeira and [...]


Google Drive, the new member of Google Apps

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Google recently introduced Google Drive - a place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your work. Whether you’re drawing up floor plans with a client, creating a presentation with classmates or planning next year’s budget with colleagues, Drive makes it easy to work together. You can [...]


New Android Google Docs App

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Google has updated the Google Docs app for Android to give everyone the chance to be productive no matter where they are. Google have brought the collaborative experience from Google Docs on the desktop to your Android device. You'll see updates in real time as others type on [...]

The Roche Group goes Google

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The Roche Group is a leader in research-focused healthcare with combined strengths in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. For over 110 years, Roche has been pioneering the discovery, development, production and marketing of novel healthcare solutions. For the last two and a half years, Roche two different email and calendaring [...]